Devil Mask Society

What is the Devil Mask Society?

We are a group of kinbaku enthusiasts focused on education for advancement of the art. We prioritize information based on primary source material and first-hand instruction.

The group was started in 2012 in Los Angeles, CA, but we now have members and friends spanning the globe.

DMS has grown exponentially through our local class structure (the various Cells) and public intro classes.

Listen to our introductory conversation on Graydancer's Podcast (parts 1, 2, and 3).

The group can be found on Fetlife.

Or through our private group on facebook.

We also host visiting domestic and international instructors. (Find some of them in our Links or see who's coming next on our Calendar).

Our members attend and teach at national conferences and various local rope groups. See where we'll be next on our Calendar or check out our list of Class Offerings by instructor to discover what we can teach you.

Want to come visit or teach in Los Angeles?

Who are the Devil Mask Society?

Members of the 4th Cell cohort include:

4th Cell started in August 2014 and graduating students completed the course in March 2016.

Members of the 5th Cell cohort include:

5th Cell started in August 2015 and graduating students completed the course in March 2017.

6th Cell graduated in February 2018.
7th Cell began in April 2017.
8th Cell began in November 2017.
To learn more about the Cell program, visit the Cell page for details.